Yahoo! Upgrades Site Explorer

Yahoo has upgraded Site Explorer with some much desired features.
My favorite is the ability to authenticate a site using a metatag, rather than requiring the upload of a text file. This was an issue for me because a client has an e-commerce platform that is totally database driven and really doesn't have a root directory to speak of. Worse, although it allows file uploads, for security reasons it only allows certain files - like images. Stupidly, txt isn't in that list. Even if it was, the upload area isn't root. So we were screwed.

Now (just like with Google) I can just go in and edit a metatag. Nice. And about time, frankly.

Some other features:

  • More detailed errors
  • Delete URL's
  • Site Explorer Badge
  • More than 25 Sitemaps
  • Better labels for TSV files
  • Secure (https/ssl) site support
  • Change authentication speed (ie wait one day)
Many of these were based on the Yahoo Site Explorer Suggestion Box. - a great idea!


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