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I had one of those "hey! I got an idea" moments today while cleaning out my RSS feed list. I was adding a bunch of blogs, as well as deleting some and moving them up and down (I use a custom Google homepage for my news/rss) and I noticed a trend in my reading habits.

I talk a lot about the law and how it affects SEO/SEM but not enough to fill a blog. I also noticed that Bill Slawski of SEO By The Sea does, as well.

On a whim, I phoned Bill up and we talked about co-authoring a blog devoted to search and the law.

On the plus side, we both have legal backgrounds but don't practice law, which means that we are unlikely to be biased. We have different personalities and approach SEO law in different ways, which makes for more interesting discussions, and finally, we both tend to hang out in different circles, so we each have different sources of information, as well.

On the negative side, we are both swamped with clients and other commitments and really don't have the time to write yet another blog, which is why neither of us has done anything like this yet - we usually just post within our own blogs or on forums instead.

But we both have time to help collect and (more importantly) edit and analyse legal cases and information in a nice, easy to use, free, centralized location.

After doing some domain name searches and working out an agreement in principle, we settled on Search Sharks ( The domain was just registered this morning and isn't pointing anywhere yet - so don't bother trying to visit yet ;)

As time permits, over the next while we will be trying to put together the premier site for search legal information and news. We'll let you know when it's ready.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear some feedback on what you'd like to see in the blog. Obviously legal news related to the search engines, and possibly new patents and such.

But what else? Is there an area where you have burning questions you want answered? Specific cases you want followed? Maybe things you don't want us to talk about because you are sick of it? Let us know!


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