Ms. Dewey

I just ran across a pretty cool search engine front end (powered by MS Live Search) called Ms. Dewey - who, BTW, looks way better than poor old Jeeves, bless his stuffed shirt...

Typing in queries, she comes back with snappy combacks and comments about your search - kind of interesting. I even like the loading bar! If you pause for a while, she taps on the glass and asks if you are still there.

Some searches have interesting responses to them. Try typing in "sex", "news", "Paris Hilton", "George Bush", or "Google", for example.

I would not use this as a day-to-day work tool (I'd get sick of her pretty quick) - but it's a really good example of basic artificial intelligence applied to a search interface.


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Paul said...

If you hadn't noticed, its Microsoft

Great concept but agree that it gets old

She even bugs you if you ignore her for a while