Office 2007 Annoyances


By complete coincidence, MS announced SP2 for Office 2007 *today*. Which I found about 10 minutes after complaining in this post. I'm installing it and I'll let you know how things go.


If you have an embedded Excel 2007 file in a Word 2007 document, and happen to have Excel open as well, Office, (in it's brilliance) informs you that Excel is not installed and tries to run Office 2007 setup.

This screen shot is classic:

Note to self: Switching Keyboards

If your keyboard starts spitting out strange characters, it's because you've probably switched keyboard language layouts by accident.

It's easy to do: Press / and then Ctrl Shift

I do this sometimes if I'm just trying to type a "?", which has me pressing the / and shift already. If my finger slips a bit and I hit the ctrl under the shift at the same time, suddenly my typing is all nonsense.


Either remove all keyboard layouts but the one you use all the time (If you tell Vista you are a Canadian, it automatically adds French keyboard layouts whether you want them or not) or press / and then ctrl shift again.