BTM - Blue Time Media (again)

I normally don't spend much time dealing with comments, but since my response to this one by someone claiming to be from BTM was so long, I felt it would be best if I turned it into a post for better legibility.

Here is the comment in full:

mcanerin networks inc( are the idiots since btm are school project and as you stated yourself, your company name was left on those pages to give the material the correct copy right. In the other hand, this so call lawyer that calls himself and his company SEO professionals, achieved ranking to their site by utilizing shady tactics and are only scratching the surface of true search engine optimization. That only a REAL SEO Professional knows this tactics are penalization in the major search engines. Trashing competitors on you own blog is patetic, it only makes you look unprofessional. For one Blue Time Media is and Hispanic Marketing Agency that develops strategic planning and implementation of Marketing and Advertising campaigns. So do your homework before embarrassing yourself putting you comparing to us, you lie to people for living we offer Field Marketing And Event Marketing.If you are as good as you claim, why trash on you own block, that is real stupid. You are using this blog for link building to bring traffic to you site on at same time to trash competitors that aren't really competitors.Good job lawyer, i bet you going to erase me fron this blog. Haha dare to leave it so people can read. HAH you can dish it out but you cant take it. Good luck dear, you seam deam desperate for
biz. You been figting with kids, we very proud you think we are good.

Apparently you are not very good students - You get an F Minus and get sent to stand in the corner with a dunce cap on your heads.

English 101: Let's see, you can't spell and have poor grammar. I'll allow that you may not have English as a first language and will not belabor the point. But it's unprofessional to not use a spellchecker while launching an incoherent diatribe against your victims for daring to stand up for their rights.

Logic 101: you've attributed several actions (including future ones) to me that are not true and without basis - that I would delete your post (it's too funny for that!), that I engage in shady tactics, and that I'm trashing a competitor (I'm trashing a criminal - BTM is not a competitor to me or any other competent SEO or marketer).

Law 101: My name was left to give the correct copyright? Huh? Do you actually believe that? So if I copy a bunch of CD's but also photocopy the label saying who the real artist is - it's OK?
Thanks for admitting you are a thief though - I appreciate that.

SEO 101 - "you lie to people for living" - well, although that may be what YOU think marketing is (and your actions seem to support this) it is not. My job is to provide the best results to the search engines and help them realize that.

BTW, I don't use this blog for link building, or at least, not in a directed manner. If I get links, I obviously don't mind. But not everything I do is about marketing and SEO. Sometimes I just want to talk about something and communicate with friends - you know, like most people with blogs.

"That only a REAL SEO Professional knows this tactics are penalization in the major search engines."

Really? Try to find those pages in MSN or Yahoo right now. Go ahead. I actually never got around to sending the one for Google (since it would cost me a stamp, and I didn't really think you were worth even that), but I think I will, now, just for fun.

Ethics 101: A student fails if they plagiarize. You fail.

Marketing 101: "Trashing competitors on you own blog is patetic, it only makes you look unprofessional."

Trashing people you steal from on THEIR blog (and doing it badly) is what's pathetic and unprofessional. And you did the trashing yourself, to yourself, through your actions and responses.

Let's see, would I hire a company to form a strategy for me if I knew that company didn't have enough talent or creativity to come up with it's own materials? Umm... no.

Would I hire them to do advertising for me if I knew they stole other people's advertising and may put my own company at risk as a result? No.

Would I hire a company that would would defend itself in such an unprofessional and unrepentant manner? No.

See, if you had said "sorry, an intern did it by accident, and we've removed it" I probably would not believe you, but I would have let it go. But to have the gall to defend your lawbreaking in such an illiterate and manifestly obtuse manner would be funny, if it wasn't so pathetic and hopeless.

"we very proud you think we are good"

Oops - wrong again - I don't. If that's your basis for feeling pride, then you must have some severe personal issues.

Good luck with your business. You'll need it. Please convey my sympathies to your clients for working with you.


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Anonymous said...

qIan, that's hilarious but I don't think you really understand who they are. Let me give you a quote from their website. They say the are "a full A full-service marketing and advertising agency".

Perhaps that's where you missed the point. Being an "a full A full agency" means they have quite different standards than the average agency. How can you treat them like this?

You better do your homework before you attack any future "a full A full" agencies. Your in big trouble mister!