Name Change!

I've changed the name of this blog to McAnerin Muse, because, quite frankly, hardly anyone (including myself) could consistently spell or remember "McAnerin's Manic Meanderings". Plus, it was too long.

While I'm at it, I've also been thinking about changing the name of my company.

McAnerin Networks Inc was chosen because it's suitably vaque but still techy and unique. Back then, I was doing website design, hosting, SEO, network troubleshooting etc, so it made sense to keep in general.

The problem is that now that I do only international SEO (with a couple of hold out hosting and general SEO clients) and refuse to ever get into computer repair or website design ever again, it's not such a great descriptive name anymore.

I'm thinking of changing it to McAnerin International, in view of the fact that I specialize in international and multiligual search nowadays. Any thoughts?

Thanks to Michelle for bringing this to my attention. :)



BWelford said...

Hi Ian

It seems to me that you already have a lock on the name 'McAnerin' on the Internet so why not just adopt that as the name. I'm all for the KISS principle.

randfish said...

No real preference here, but McAnerin's Muse isn't a bad choice. If you're going to work on the blog seriously, though, I'd highly recommend moving it over to your main site - no reason to give link love to :)

SEM Certification said...

I liked McAnerin's Manic Meanderings because it so fit but was a bit long. Whatever you do keep on bloggin' cause you have some great things to say.

Darlene said...

Oh no the name should be McAnerisms!!! :-) Or is that McAnerinisms?

BTW Ian I believe you are ignoring me - I sent you an email about contracts LOL. You could have at least told me to go away *grin*