Change to the China SEM Tour

David and I just finished finished a phone call and as a result have revised the itinerary for the CSMT. I know for some of you this will be a disappointment, but for others it's a welcome change.

Based on feedback from some of our tour members and other issues (like the fact that to go to Hong Kong from Beijing and then to Xiamen you'd need a double-entry visa, and other such administrative details that I prefer to not bet my luggage or sanity on...) we have decided to drop Hong Kong from the itinerary and add Shanghai, instead.

We certainly have nothing against Hong Kong (I'll be staying behind and visiting it on my own time anyway), but one of our jobs is to make double sure that everyone has a great time, encounters no problems, and experiences the most relevant places for business and search marketing in China.

So it will be Beijing, Shanghai, then Xiamen.

Although I was looking forward to Hong Kong, this is actually a better plan, in that Shanghai is an amazing place, and more representative of the "new China". Not to mention that there is a certain search related technology center nearby that we may get a chance to see ;)


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