Blue Time Media = Copyright Infringement!


It takes true gall (or true stupidity) to steal copyrighted materials from a lawyer. Especially one with a special interest in copyright law and the Internet.

The criminals of the day are Blue Time Media ( I was doing a routine copyright search and found that these thieves had stolen my copyrighted text. Stupidly, they had even posted it and left in my company name by accident at one point! That same page also listed my icons at the bottom, including the "Calgary Chamber of Commerce", "SEO Consultants" and "SMA-NA Board Member" icons, as well as the claim to be AdWords Professionals.

I know I qualify for all those claims, but they certainly don't. I think those organizations should know about those claims, don't you?

The Evidence compare to

The banner at the bottom they stole is the one I used up until I got my Yahoo Ambassador qualification and updated it, so this was stole sometime in March, which matches the claims they made. compare to

This really makes me wonder who else's work they have stolen. Are those templates they selling to clients actually theirs to sell? When you start stealing, it's difficult to know where the thief stops.

So, What to Do About Blue Time Media?

Well, getting the word out, and making sure that any current and future potential clients they approach can do due diligence before working with them is a start. If a webmaster puts stolen media or copy on your site, you can be found liable. Personally, I would never work with anyone who I knew was dishonest, particularly over the Internet.

Second, launch Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notifications (DMCA) about Blue Time Media. Here are some sample DMCA templates:

Google DMCA - MS Word Document (32k)
MSN DMCA - MS Word Document (32k)
Yahoo DMCA - MS Word Document (32k)
ISP DMCA - MS Word Document (38k)

Then, of course, contacting their clients and warning them they may have illegal content on their sites placed by their webmaster would seem prudent.

Finally, a lawsuit is in order. I'll have to do that Monday.


Added: MSN, Yahoo, and GoDaddy all allow emailed notifications, which have been sent. I'll be mailing Google on Monday, along with going ahead with legal action.


george said...

mcanerin networks inc( are the idiots since btm are school project and as you stated yourself, your company name was left on those pages to give the material the correct copy right. In the other hand, this so call lawyer that calls himself and his company SEO professionals, achieved ranking to their site by utilizing shady tactics and are only scratching the surface of true search engine optimization. That only a REAL SEO Professional knows this tactics are penalization in the major search engines.

Trashing competitors on you own blog is patetic, it only makes you look unprofessional. For one Blue Time Media is and Hispanic Marketing Agency that develops strategic planning and implementation of Marketing and Advertising campaigns. So do your homework before embarrassing yourself putting you comparing to us, you lie to people for living we offer Field Marketing And Event Marketing.

If you are as good as you claim, why trash on you own block, that is real stupid. You are using this blog for link building to bring traffic to you site on at same time to trash competitors that aren't really competitors.

Good job lawyer, i bet you going to erase me fron this blog. Haha dare to leave it so people can read. HAH you can dish it out but you cant take it. Good luck dear, you seam deam desperate for biz. You been figting with kids, we very proud you think we are good.

Ian McAnerin said...

Once I stopped laughing and picked myself off the floor, I started to reply to this.

But the response was too long for a comment and I moved it to it's own post:


george said...

Side note: about YOUR BANNER, dude we dont know what you are talking about, second that banner of yours at the button that gives your so call GOOGLE CERTIFICATION IS NOT EVEN REAL, how come you dont give your visitors a link to it?

For one; those logos have not link at all to back up your story about your certification, two; those logos from google and yahoo, DONT BELONG TO YOU!!! so what copyright issues you are talking about, are you sure you are working on the right field? look at you, you put a case together on your blog.. GET A LIFE SERIUSLY! you way out of yourself! No one cares about your silly logos.

The web templates you mentioned are allegations that you have not prove: If you knew a little about web development you'll had perfectly noticed, they are call WEB RINGS (i bet you dont even know this word). How in gods name a lawyer works on Search Engine Optimization? i mean look at you, you are in the wrong field, now one does what you are doing here.

I explain dear, any real SEO professional that is reading this right now, knows exactly what you are trying to do here, you are trying to promote yourself by putting all those links about you and your site on your own blog!? (link building) LOL, look at your writing you are using KEYWORDS ALL OVER IT>. YOU ARE UNREAL!!! and nasty.

I wont want to be one of your clients. if that is the tactics you use to link yourself and rank on search engines then i just imagine what you will do for money, screw any clients that comes along. You so fool of anger and you totally unethical and exaggerating. I bet you could kill someone if they pushed the right buttons far enough.

Any SEO that reads this knows your are full of it.

Telling people to contact my clients, go ahead do so, they will say nothing but nice things, since we promote their business to the hispanic market.

Ian McAnerin said...

Wow - I'm thinking the one with anger management issue here is you.

For your reference (and clearly linked on my professional site, rather than my personal blog) I am a Google professional and Yahoo Ambassador, and it WAS linked, on a separate section of the page you stole the logos from.

It takes a lot of nerve to remove the links yourself, then claim that I'm not entitled to use the logos because they are not linked!

And the point is that all those logos are a single image that proves you took the the content from my site.

As for keywords, I'm assuming you mean the "tags" along the side of my blog - it's a built in feature for Blogger - get used to it. Not to mention I'm hardly going to apologise for using keywords to describe things.

Having been active on the internet since 1983, and making websites since 1994, I'm familiar with what a webring is - apparently more than you. What you have there is a nice little spam technique called a link farm.

I fail to see what any of this has to do with content theft, however. You seem to be mad because you got caught, rather than sorry you are a thief - I find that unbelievable.

You are right about one thing, I would never have you as a client - I expect my clients to be legitimate businesses who generate their own content.