Go Daddy!!!

That was fast!

It's been less than 12 hours (I went to sleep and woke up with it fixed - on a Sunday, no less!)

GoDaddy has a reputation in the industry for excellent and professional customer service. They are also one of the few ISP's with a proper and formal DMCA process that is fair to all parties. If you are an ISP (especially one based in the US) you should have some sort of process like this - it helps stop you from being held partially responsible for the stolen information (it's on your servers, after all).

The Blue Time Media website no longer resolves to anything (screenshot below).

I've found that ISP's are often faster to respond to DMCA complaints than search engines, which is why it's part of my DMCA Complaint process. Blue Time Media has the opportunity to respond, of course, though it's really clear that this is not a grey issue (my name is actually on the pages they stole, and every page has a copyright notification on it, so they can't claim independent development, public domain, or anything like that).

I would like to thank GoDaddy for their response, and to take this opportunity to recommend them to my readers. If you are an honest webmaster, they are a great host to have!

Since I offer (limited) hosting myself, I'm technically a competitor, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate professionalism and service when I see it. This is the second time I've dealt with an issue using GoDaddy. The first was not DMCA related - a client who hosted with them had some problems that were not GoDaddy's fault, but nonetheless the staff there solved for me quickly and efficiently.


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Duane said...

OK, I simply have to add some balance here on the ravings FOR GoDaddy's customer service.

I have a VDS with them, and I can honestly say that 8 of 10 calls I place with them results in the following:

1 - I'm given, flat-out, the wrong info by their CS team. ("Oh, no problem, you want to add IP addresses - sure thing. You'll need to look through online resources like those provided by Cisco to learn how to set them up. You have up to 250 or so you can activate at any time." - That's what the person actually told me when I asked for another IP address for a 4th site I was bringing online. Turns out I can't get it without paying yet more money to GD...

2 - I get static from the CS folks - "Well sir, you rent a VDS from us. You should be able to handle this yourself anyway."

3 - Every time I call, the CS agent places me on hold to "consult with their supervisor" to get an answer. What's the point of the rep anyway - they clearly don't have the answers.

4 - GoDaddy is one of the VERY few hosting companies that refuse to set up a 1-800 number - forcing me to pay yet again more money when doing business with them.

Now, with my over 2 years of frustration, you may ask why I simply haven't left them.

Fair question.

Two answers:

1 - Up-time - never so much as a blip to date (knocks on wood)
2 - Pricing - you're going to pay pretty much the same no matter where you go at this level, so until you're ready to spring for your own server, they are a viable option.

Just be aware that their customer service is, at least by my account, quite lacking.