Is Your Social Media Actually Anti-Social?

When you are engaging in social media, are your tactics "social" or "anti-social"?

If self-interest and self-promotion is your only goal, then you are in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing. It's OK to have your own interests, but to ignore the interests of others is by definition anti-social and doesn't belong in "social media".

In short, are you joining a conversation, or trying to control it?

I think that a lot of companies simply cannot, due to their corporate culture, engage in social media properly. If it's against policy to allow negative comments, or to be involved in an activity in anything but a leadership (control) position, then you really don't belong in the social media sphere. Go buy ads, or start a blog with the comments turned off, or something similarly one-sided.

Some companies are perfect for social media, some can adapt to it, and some are better off doing something else. One size does not fit all.


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