Google Agrees - Hostile Takeover Attempt

I note with some vindication that Google apparently agrees with my assessment that Microsoft's bid for Yahoo is hostile.

Admittedly, Google has a vested interest in promoting the idea that a combination between MS and Y! would be unfair, but, honestly, tough noogies. Competition is good, and I can't see Googles viewpoint as anything other than a cynical attempt to keep and increase their market share by pretending to actually care about poor little old Yahoo. This is the first time they've ever publicly shown an interest in the search market outside of themselves that I can remember.

That doesn't mean they are wrong about the move being hostile, though.

It's rather annoying that no one else in the industry seems to care or know about this issue ,and that my thoughts on the subject were ignored in favor of idle posts talking about trying to name the new potential search engine instead.

I'm really starting to wonder why I bother...


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