Admin Note: Changing Comment Policy

I've tried 3 types of comment moderation so far:

  1. No Comments Allowed. But that's no fun - hard to build a community or get feedback.
  2. All Comments Allowed. You guessed it - I got spammed. I hate so-called SEO's who spam.
  3. Only People with Blogger Accounts Can Post. Well, this was OK for a while, but it limits the people who will post. And for the last couple of days some spammer has been posting...get this.. requests to do link exchanges as part of his comment spam! Of course, he has a blogger account.

So now I'm trying something new. I'm letting anyone comment, but all comments are pre-moderated. Hopefully 4 times a charm.

Yes, I know I should move to Wordpress, yada, yada. But I had a sound SEO reason for using Blogger specifically in the first place, and now I find that I'm comfortable with it and really don't feel like losing all the PR, links, etc if I decided to move. Inertia wins.


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