Back from China

I'm back from China. No, I didn't go on the China Search Marketing Tour without you, and you didn't miss it yet (though if you don't sign up ASAP, you will!). I went on a family vacation. I took my kids, wife, inlaws and an "uncle" I've never met to Beijing, Shanghai, and finally to a small village near Kai-Ping where my wifes family comes from.

Even though they are Chinese, it was the first time any of them had ever been so far north - Uncle (as I called him) had never even seen snow before, so the sub-zero weather of Beijing in March was definately a new experience for him. The trip to the Great Wall was in almost -40 degree weather!

I'll spare you the day by day (I'm planning on inflicted that on you for the CSMT), but there were a couple of highlights:

Never go to Beijing before April - it's cold and no fun. May is MUCH better.

Damn, it's cold!

My wifes village is very interesting, and about as rural as you can get in China while still having electricity...

Looks pretty - Don't drink the water...

Stir Fried Water Beetles and other "interesting" foods are often eaten in villages.

Bugs... Yummy. Taste like unsalted pumpkin seeds.

I have many stories about this trip - some of which I might even tell one day. :)



Mike said...


Unfortunate typo Ian:

"...where my wives family comes from."
Do you have more than one ;)

Ian McAnerin said...

Oops - um... none that any of my other wives know about, at least ;). (typo fixed - thanks!)