Now THAT'S a Super Proposal!

Rand Fishkin, of SEOmoz, proposed to his girlfriend Geraldine (aka Mysteryguest, now fiance) yesterday in a rather unique and spectactular way.

He created a website called and then made a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and her favorite show, "Veronica Mars", that contained the proposal.

Her response was mostly confined to shock, hugs and, eventually, "Yes!"

My favorite funny part was:

Rand (holding out ring): Will you marry me?
Geraldine (bearly able to breath): Oh, my god, I think I'm gonna puke...
Ahhh, love and romance.... ;)

Seriously, a big congrats to both of you! You can now begin introducing each other as "my fiance", which is a nice feeling....

Between Barrys proposal on Ask, and this one, you guys are setting the bar pretty high in the search community for marriage proposals!


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Mike Power said...

Talk about sappy. With Valentine's Day coming up, it's events like those that make all singles want to hide in a cave all day next Wednesday.