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My good friend, Barry Schwartz (aka Rustybrick) is well known on the SEO forums. Today he also made internet history by being the first person to propose (to his girlfriend Yisha Tversky) using a search engine, thanks to the great people over at Ask.

So she does the search and bam!, up comes that result that asks her to marry me. At that time, while I kneel behind her, I pull out flowers and the diamond ring from the surrounding draws. She turns the swivel chair around and I ask her to marry me.

Awwww... Ultra-sweet :) And very cool. There have been lots of cases of people bidding on someones name to send them a message (we did that over at the High Rankings forum to wish Mike Grehan a happy birthday) and of course, people have been bidding or optimizing on other people's names in order to connect to a market (or complain) almost since the beginning of search engines, but this takes it to a whole new level.

The full story is on the Yisha and Barry wedding site.

There are 2 different searches that bring up different information on Ask. If you type in rustybrick engagement you'll get a very nice information spot:

And if you type in Yisha Tversky you'll get the original proposal:

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the Ask/Teoma team for helping out with this - you guys rock!

Many good wishes to the happy couple - looks like you've found who you've been searching for after all! :)


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