Google Sandbox Theory

I was writing a series of articles on Redirects for SEO's and part way through I was hit with an inspiration related to the Google Aging Delay and the Sandbox.

Personally, I think it makes a lot of sense, but I ran into a lot of "prove it" type resistance over at HR, so I guess I'm going to.

I don't believe in conspiracy theories and refuse to believe that the "sandbox" is some evil plot to screw over new webmasters. Therefore I'm testing my theory. If I'm right, this domain here:

Will tell me if I'm smoking drugs or not. Domain registered Oct 24, 2005, Anti-Sandbox test countdown begins now... ;)

NB: Please keep in mind that the sandbox article is based on an unproven theory, using a combination of redirect theory, quotes from Google engineers, the Historical Data Patent, a bunch of anecdotal evidence, and me sitting around thinking about it carefully. It's not proven - that's what the domain, and specifically the way I'm using it, is for.

Caveat Emptor


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