Why I used to hate Miami

Well, I just got back from Miami, and in spite of the fact that it rained every day (summer is rainy season) I rather enjoyed it.

This is worth noting because up until now Miami has NOT been one of my favorite memories. The last time I was there, it was for a stopover on the way to TCI. Since we were concerned about petty theft, we decided to store our luggage at the airport luggage storage place.

They took our money, put the luggage through the X-Ray machine (and no doubt noticed the digital camera during the scan) and sent us on our way.

The next morning, I picked up my luggage and immediately noticed that the zippers were no longer at the top, where I left them. They were down at the bottom, where you could not see them when they give you your luggage. With a missing lock and broken loops where the lock used to go through.

Opening it, I found that my daytimer had been rummaged through, some small change had been stolen, and my digital camera was gone. The people I PAID to store my luggage safely stole it! Irate, I walked back (I had moved about 10 feet away from the counter in order to move out of the way of other people) and started to tell them what happened.

They then accused me of either lying, or stealing my own camera, then flatly refused to do anything about it. My advice to others - don't pay the official Miami airport luggage storage place to steal your stuff - there are lots of people who are willing to do it for free.

Apparently I'm not the only one whose had this issue and blogged about it. I'd be interested in hearing other stories.


Anyway, as you can imagine my opinion about Miami was not very high after this, and I've been avoiding the place ever since.

Until my friend Nacho sent me an email about SES Miami....


cvander said...

Sorry to hear that. But I'm glad to hear that your comments about Miami changed after SES latino ;)

Ian McAnerin said...

Hi Christian! Yup, I like Miami a lot more now. I suspect that Nacho will have a much easier time convincing me to come back next year ;)

It was great working with you on the panel!