SES Latino 2006 - Miami

I've just been invited to speak at the very first SES Latino - which looks to be an amazing conference for anyone interested in international SEO (which is my primary focus).

If you have any interest whatsoever in marketing to the world outside your backyard, you should attend this one. Heck, if you are in the US, it even covers Hispanics IN your backyard.

Most importantly, since my clients include 2 major world governments, and they are VERY interested in the Hispanic (and Brazil/Portuguese) markets, I've done a bunch of research, testing and thinking about these topics, and I think I have some helpful information for you. Yes, you should show up - this really is one of those times when the government knows something you may not about future markets.

The seminars I'm speaking at are:

Landscape & Tactics Track - July 11, 11:00-12:30
Domain Issues
Language:English with live translation to Spanish

Going after Latin American or US Hispanics? What domain issues do you need to be aware of? Should you have a domain for each country you are targeting? Should you have a standalone subdomain of your .com site, like

Landscape & Tactics Track - July 11, 3-4:14 PM
SEO & Spanish Language Issues
Language: English with live translation to Spanish

The fact is that if your users search for a word with an accent mark and without it, you will get similar but different results. Should you optimize for right grammar or high traffic volume? What translation issues can you encounter? What about cultural issues, slang and jargons? This session looks to help you solve most of these language issues when optimizing your website.

See you there!


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fernimac said...

Great conference in Miami. Too bad most of the other speakers used a sales pitch. People like me who went to SES Latino 2006 looking for really useful technical knowledge were really pleased with Ian's talk about domain issues. Thank you!