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It's been a rough week for me, since I caught some sort of bug on my last day (I think it was the sauna) and have been laid up in bed, watching the emails and paperwork pile up. But I finally managed to get my blog and flickr items about the tour posted.

Of course, I'm not the only one who went on the tour or to SES China, so I'd like to salute the hard working bloggers that posted about it by providing my readers with some links (no particular order, and all good) :)
The official SES China Blog
Rand's blog is one of my favorites. CSMT Update 1, CSMT Update 2
Shak's blog is a must-read for those looking into China.
Miles Evans has a pretty useful blog here, and some nice SES China posts, incuding some video and the obligatory namedropping...
Marc Macalua (see below) posted numerous updates here - very well done.
Marc is a genuinely nice guy, and as soon as I do anything in the Philippines, He'll be the first person I call.
Mike's blog is always fun to read.
Description of SES Nanjing, along with a bunch of facts and figures she collected. Ahnee is a great person (in spite of being a die-hard SEMPO fan ;P )
I don't remember meeting Joel, but he certainly paid attention at SES.



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Marc Macalua said...

Hi Ian! Twas truly a pleasure to meet one of the distinguished SEMs worldwide. When in the Philippines, look me up so that I can hook you up :)