Google Pack

Google is offering a new "service" called Google Pack that is basically a combination of a bunch of Google software that you can get/download all at once, for free.

Once installed, you can remove individual components, but here is a list of some of them:

1. Google Toolbar for IE
2. Google Desktop
3. Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
4. Picasa
5. RealPlayer
6. Ad-Aware SE Personal
7. Norton AntiVirus 2005 SE (with 6 month free update)
8. Google Talk
9. Google Earth
10. GalleryPlayer HD Images
11. Trillian
12. Google Pack Screensaver
13. Adobe Reader 7 (This version doesn't have the Yahoo Toolbar nag - gee, I wonder why? ;) )
14. Google Video Player

All in all, a nice little software package for someone who just bought a new computer and is installing software for it. The only drawback is that every single thing here is either capable of telling Google what you are doing, or replaces software that is supposed to warn you if Google snoops on you...

I think I'll call it the "Big Brother Bundle".


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