China Search Marketing Tour

Hi all,

We've finally finished putting together the China Search Marketing Tour to coincide with SES Nanjing which should be very exciting - the first SES ever in China, and it's been so popular they have already needed to change the venue!

The search marketing tour is NOT an official SES event - instead, it's intended to give people planning on going to SES Nanjing a good grounding in Chinese culture, government and business practices before the event. There will, of course, be some sightseeing opportunities, too.

We will be providing translators for the tour, and there will be 2 banquets, one in Beijing with a fair number of government officials (including, we hope, embassy staff for the US, Canada and other countries), and then another in Shanghai with some business leaders.

During this time you'd have the opportunity to network, find out about business customs and generally get yourself ready for entering the Chinese market. The tour is very business oriented, and intended for those serious about marketing to and from China.

Although one package has airfare included, it's not required, since many people can travel on points, and in some cases (ie those in Europe) have more direct routes to China than from the US. The tour is 9 days, from March 9 to 19 (lose a day due to the International date line).

Cost: $2500 if you provide your own airfare, and the airfare can be included in a single package if you phone the tour company that's handling this (the same one that's helping set up SES).

Discounts: if you are a member of SMA (any branch) or SEMPO, you get a $250, if you are a sponsor, you get a $250 discount, and if you are a speaker at the conference you can get a $250 discount, so you could get up to a $750 if you were all three!

To sign up, contact Helen Yue at China Custom Tours 1-800-865-6221. Space is currently limited to 35 people.

I hope to see you there!


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