SES Toronto

Well, I just got back from SES Toronto and had a great time! I met lots of people and my presentation went pretty well, considering it was the last presentation of the last day.

On interesting thing while traveling to T.O. - I took WestJet. The main reason i took it was because the price was right (and it's a local company) but I must say I was blown away by the service and friendliness of the staff!

I've done a lot of travelling and frankly Air Canada is a national embarrassment, as far as I'm concerned - rude staff, lousy service, etc. I don't exactly cry when I hear them complaining that they are losing money - it's called the free market at work, people.

I remember one trip from Beijing to Vancouver on AC where I sat next to an old chinese lady and what appeared to be her granddaughter. The flight crew had turned on the air conditioning full blast and it was chilly - even for a Canadian. The poor woman was uncontrollably shivering and obviously freezing. Finally her companion spoke up to one of the pit fiends masquarading as flight attendants and asked if they could turn up the heat or get a blanket or something. The flight attendant snarled back that they don't change the temperature for anyone and stalked off. I was truly embarrassed at sharing the same nationality as this person - some welcome to Canada! When it became clear that Air Canada's finest wasn't going to be back with a blanket, I gave her mine. Unbelievable.

This is, unfortunatly, not an exception. It was also the last time I voluntarily flew on AC. So when it was time to go to Toronto I booked a flight on Westjet and showed up at the airport, hobbling along with my right leg in a space boot (broken ankle - long story) and was met by a very friendly counter clerk who called over there "Folks Wagon" to give me a lift to the gate without me even asking. I was met at the plane by "Bob" who was the funniest, most personable attendant I've ever met.

Let me put it this way - I actually stayed awake during the safety speach - LOL. The Flames were playing and the captain got on the speaker several times to give updates on the game - and when they won there was lots of cheering and Bob organised us doing the "wave" up and down the aisles. Lots of fun. AC, RIP, Long live Westjet!

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