Welcome to my new Blog! My name is Ian McAnerin and I'm the owner/CEO of McAnerin Networks Inc, an Internet Promotion company with offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

I live in Calgary - guess where I like to have the Annual General Meeting for the company... ;)

I'm a father of 3 (Isaac, Tasmyn, and Kestra) and happily married (Leah). Ok, that's pretty much the sum total of an intro you'll get here. If you are interested in more information, you'll either have to read the whole blog and figure it out for yourself, or actually ask me.

Oh, as a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimiser) and Moderator on the High Rankings SEO forum, you'll probably see a LOT of Search Engine related news and rants here. I'm a "white hat" SEO so various spammers will get it with both barrels on occasion...

After all, that's the whole fun of having a blog in the first place.


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