Spam King Kills Family

--Begin Rant--

Eddie Davidson, the so-called "Spam King", just murdered most of his family after escaping from jail. I have not the words to adequately describe my feelings towards this scumbag, but I assure you none of them are nice or polite. My feelings of sympathy are only with his family, not him.

I realize that not all spammers are child killing cowards, but they do tend to share his "looking for the easy way to make money fast while avoiding personal responsibility or caring about the effects on others" outlook on life, and tend, IMO, towards criminal behaviour as a result. Eddie is just the poster boy.

He tricked his family into going with him into the countryside, then killed them - his teenage daughter barely escaped to tell the story:

Davidson got out of the driver's side and pointed the gun at Amy. She tried to
grab the gun and he fired, hitting her in the head.

He then turned the gun on the teen in the backseat, and fired, hitting her in the neck as she ducked.

She believes Davidson thought she was dead, but she watched as he shot and
killed 3-year-old baby, still strapped in the car.

The teen then opened the door, kicked off her shoes and ran about a quarter mile until she reached the home of an off-duty Denver Police officer and told him what had happened.
The little girl never even got to tell daddy about her kindergarten report card she had with her.

I really think that spammers should be treated somewhat like people who torture animals for fun as children - as people who are probably disturbed and potentially criminals. People who need watching, and medical help.

Going too far in the heat of the moment? Maybe. But spamming is sociopathic behaviour, IMO. I realize that not all sociopaths become criminals (many/most just end up being that person who is making your life hell at work) but they certainly don't make the world a better place. Quite the opposite. The fact that many spammers are superficially charming just clarifies my opinion that many/most are sociopaths. I use the "many/most" phrasing because my personal experience indicates "most", but I realize one persons experiences are not scientifically accurate.

I know most spammers don't go on to do the things that Davidson did, but they do tend to be far more likely to become criminals than the average person (usually fraud), IMO - witness the owner of Traffic Power, as an example.

--End Rant--

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