McAnerin International Inc, or "Why I've been AFK"

It's been quite a dry spell, blogging-wise here. Sorry about that. I'm going to try to post a lot more from now on. The reason has just been life in general:

  • I went to China for a family vacation
  • Then I went to China again (this time with the CSMT and SES Xiamen China). I also hit Japan, Korea, Macao and Hong Kong while I was at it. This took a while to recover from, but before I did...
  • I went to Toronto SES, followed by a quick trip to Ottawa, where I got food poisoning from some bad escargot. Not pleasant.
  • Then I got home for *1 day* and was off to Miami for SES Latino, where I woke up almost completely blind on the first day of the conference. Giving presentations while blind is not fun.
  • Then I got home, barely began to recover and then had to go to SES Travel in Seattle. This was a much more pleasant experience, but I was still exhausted by the time I was done.
  • My new accountant then informed me that my original plan to have a sole proprietorship (McAnerin Networks) in Canada and an incorporated company (McAnerin Networks Inc) in the US was not working out for me, and I had a 35k tax bill to prove it after taking every deduction I could think of. Ouch.

During this period, of course, I still had my clients to take care of and 3 kids and a wife who deserve to see me occasionally. As a result I've decided to take August off (or at least slow down a lot) and focus on my company and my family. Up until now, I simply haven't had the time to update the blog. I hope you understand.

So now, I've both begun painting the house and redesigning my company websites. The websites reflect the new name, branding and focus:

Corporate Site: McAnerin International Inc. - Internet marketing site focused on international SEO and international SEM/PPC.

Technology Site: McAnerin Networks Inc. - Hosting, domains, programming, design and other technical offerings.

Localized Sites: Canada, USA, China, UK, Japan, Mexico

Non-Company/Other: Mobile Site, McAnerin Family Genealogy Site

Since I'm the only website designer/programmer/SEO/etc for all of these, they are all in different stages of development, and several of them are not even active yet, though they should be shortly.

Why link early to a site still under development? Domain Delay (aka sandbox) proofing, of course. Thanks to Google, I am now forced to do something for a search engine I would have never done in the old days. The irony is that Google keeps telling people they should not do this, then designs a system where it's necessary to do so. I'll be ranting about this more fully in an upcoming blog post.

So in general my company is now McAnerin International Inc. now.

Over the next while I hope to share tactics on how to properly organize multiple local domains in such a way as to maximize rankings for each while minimizing any negative impacts due to duplicate content issues and so forth, using my sites as examples.

I'll also perform several tests and experiments related to international search marketing, both for my own information and as fodder for the book I'm writing in my (ahem) copious amounts of spare time (rolls eyes).


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