RSS and the New Blogger

I've discovered a weird issue with Blogger. After upgrading, I was given the ability to add tags to my posts. This is great functionality, and I happily began to add tags to all my posts - in reverse order, which is how they are listed.

For some reason, Blogger thinks that adding a tag to an old post makes it a new post, as far as the RSS feed is concerned. So now all my old posts are showing up in the RSS feed as new ones.

I'm sorry about any confusion this may have caused - frankly, it's a surprise to me that it either wasn't tested, or that someone thought it was a good idea.



Tamar said...

Well, I guess I shouldn't have deleted my other comment then. I mentioned that I thought they were all new because they started reappearing. :)

Ian McAnerin said...

I really appreciate you letting me know, tamar - I guess I shouldn't be surprised when a major upgrade has some unexpected "features" ;)